Privacy Policy

Information we collect

Overall, we collect the minimum amount of information required to operate our services.

To use our booking services we ask you to provide the following information for the following purposes:

To finalize your booking, we require a payment through our payment provider (Stripe). We store a token that represents your transaction but doesn't give us access to your full credit card number or other payment details like your CVC.

To contact us using the contact form, we ask you to provide the following information for the following purposes:

In addition to information explicitly requested from you, we also collect the following information from your browser to prevent malicious use of this website. This data is stored for 30 days to give us adequate time to audit and examine issues that may arise:

Finally, we use cookies to store short-lived, essential information like the fact that you have authenticated your email and what values you have entered for the booking form to carry them through to checkout. They are not used for marketing or tracking.

Third Parties

None of the information you explicitly provide us with is sent to third parties, with the sole exception of your email which is added to our Mailchimp mailing list after a purchase. Your email will exist within the list until 24 months after your purchase or if you press the unsubscribe button in the email. This is in line with the Canada Anti Spam Law (CASL) for which Mailchimp provides a rough outline of here.

Your browser may send additional data to Google Fonts when visiting the site to load the fonts we use and Youtube when visiting the Index page to show you a video of the cottage. Data may also be sent to Stripe on the checkout page to avoid us having to collect your payment information directly.

We may also be required to provide your data upon receiving an order from a court of Canada. If permitted by the order, you will be notified if this happens.

Data Access and Removal

Please email if you would like a copy of your data or would like to request the deletion of your data.